Share culture with friends you still don't know

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Bringing enthusiasts fill up cultural venues with friends they still don't know

Share culture with friends you still don't know
We are entrepreneurs and we love technology. This is another project that we have brought to the market with the aim to solve a need for users and culture venues at the time that we updated our knowledge using new available technologies.
We have developed a mobile solution to bridge the gap between empty sits and lonely fellows offering the best companion to every single cultural event.
With "Shared culture" users check events and other members' profiles knowing their interests to attend a certain venue. Institutions promote their offer to target users offering empty seats in pairs to consumers that stayed otherwise at home.

We are solving many problems at once: missing companion for a cultural event, limited social circle of individuals, lack of amusement, loneliness and sadness.

Cultural venues have access to new customers, reduce the number of discounts that could cannibalize regular sales otherwise, reduce empty seats and avoid the catch 22 having to increase the ticket price to reduce the losses of empty seats.

Other than the business plan :)

We have many more arguments that justify the project, including the solution, the market, a marketing plan, a model for our business and a competitors analysis, with an investment plan, fund raising and revenues' forecast.
About the solution
The App is an Android client with a Google Cloud backend to store the cultural activities and a Firebase Real Time database for the Chats system. It uses a Google Cloud Messaging server to send notifications to the users with pending intents that let them check users profiles, reply to a chat or check a proposed activity.

Google Cloud PaaS Mobile Backend

The Android App uses the Facebook SDK to allow users to register and loging using their Facebook account and profile picture. It uses frames to display the user profiles and cultural activities teasers and a local MySqlite database to store the cultural activities that the user has checked, to reduce the number of connections to the backend.

The real time database uses the Facebook user profile id to store the messages sent among two users.

Firebase Realtime database

Next steps

We have the solution. But this has to be improved. Our backend system requires to be updated periodically with new cultural events and we have plans to do this by AI systems that can crawl the internet in search of them.

About monetization

We have also had thoughts about how to monetize the App. As part of the business plan we have a strategy to make money :) With a FREE App and subscription system we still have more ways to make money that we will not explain here. Let us know if you want to know more about it.
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